Art inspires creativity in everyone. Whether a four year old, an intellectually challenged individual using art as a tool for communication, a parent who gleans their child the next Picasso or the the most accomplished and successful: Everyone who has vision experiences it. The art Odyssey will guide the audience through an experience meant to dazzle; by offering a full spectrum view of what Art can mean to and at any point in life. Art can spring from inside someone at any age, in any time or place, sometimes unexpectedly. The Odyssey's purpose is to celebrate and inspire the visual journey of life.

  • Catherine Borg
  • Yasmina Chavez
  • Matthew Couper
  • Wendy Kveck
  • Miguel Rodriquez
  • Jo Russ
  • Javier Sanchez
  • Jesse Smigel
  • Mark Brandvik
  • Shannon Mc Mackin
  • Patricia Burns
  • Las Vegas Academy
  • Trifecta Gallery
  • Jonah Jakin
  • Galerie Smith Anderson
  • Mary Hull-Webster
  • CJ
  • Western - Projects
  • Alastair MacKinvin
  • Wanda Hansen - Private Dealer
  • Zak Ostrowski
  • UNLV
  • Sharon Gainsburg
  • Eric Tillinghast

The urban surroundings of the Life is Beautiful venue provide a perfect backdrop for what will be an eclectic and permanent street art program that will redefine the look of Downtown Las Vegas for years to come. Curated by Charlotte Dutoit, RISE ABOVE will turn Downtown Las Vegas into an art-inspired playground showcasing works by some of the biggest names in international street art.

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Saturday Lineup

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